Have you seen The Get Down yet?  This Netflix original series was once the talk of the town.  There have been rumors that the viewership has not met Netflix standards and the want to ax the show. Well the shows producer Nelson George is asking everyone not to report silly rumors because The Get Down has not been cancelled. Season 2 of   The Get Down will be available this spring.


Rapper and Actor 50 cent has found himself in front of another lawsuit. However this one is totally bogus. 50 is being sued by an author named Larry Johnson. Mr. Johnson is claiming that the rapper stole his idea, he claims to be the real creator of Power. Larry claims that he submitted his manuscript “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid” to a Nikki Turner. Mrs. Turner is an employee for G-Unit books. I had no clue that such a company existed, lol. Anyway Johnson says Power was his idea not 50’s. Listen to this, lol. The author Mr. Johnson claims that his manuscript includes two drug dealers with goatees, lol. You can not make this stuff up. He also goes on to say that the drug dealers in his book were working on becoming legitimate business men. So he is suing 50 cent for $200 Million Dollars.  What a bunch of B.S.!!!!!!

I’m not sure where Mr. Johnson’s has been in the last 20 year, but almost ever story involving a drug dealer has the same story-line. Drug dealer gets rich, drug dealer  gets arrested, drug dealer wants to be a legitimate business man. It just happened that Power is equipped with some of today’s greatest writers and they are really good at creating drama on paper and making it come to life. Also Mr.Johnson must not be reading the credits for the show. 50 cent is an EP for the show, he is not the creator of the show. Do you really think this man could come up with this kind of show (no offense). I think it is really disrespectful to the creator of the show to come up with such rhetoric. Power is an exceptional show that 50 cent just has been blessed to be apart of. I really do not think that this lawsuit will go anywhere.

But this just might be a little sprinkle of Karma for the rapper. Get Rich or Die Trying right?



The 19 kids and counting Duggar clan have to find a new source of income. Their meal ticket has now been denied. TLC decided to part ways with the Duggars, due to the recent reports about the eldest brother Josh Duggar’s fetish with molesting young girls including some family members. While Josh does not deny the reports, he willingly admitted to his dark past and has apologized for  all he had done. After firing Mama June for dating a convicted sex offender, who allegedly molested her daughter in the past, TLC was not going to give the Duggar’s a pass. Child molestation is a disgusting act that just can never be forgiven. Well I hope the Duggar’s find their way through these dark times. I guess the saying one bad apple will ruin the bunch is definitely true in this case.


Happy Thanksgiving‘s Day to you all. While many of you are thankful for family, being employed or just to freaking be alive, I however think their are some TV shows we should be thankful for as well. Shoot if it wasn’t for our favorite TV program, what the hell would we really be doing at 10 pm on a Thursday night. So everyone please grab your remote controls and raise them in the air in solidarity to thank  TELEVISION FOR BEING APART OF OUR LIVES.




NO SURPRISE HERE! The Queen Latifah show has been cancelled. The shows rating were not doing so well. Although the Queen Latifah was allegedly the number one talk show last year. Many of Latifah’s African American fans were not feeling her talk show. The Queen we expected to see never showed up. Wait there was that one time she did a performance with Brandy, McLyte, and Yo Yo to reunite for the I wanna be down remix song. NO WE REALLY WERE NOT EXPECTING HER TO RAP. But the Queen Latifah we expected to see has flavor, hint her FLAVOR UNIT ENTERTAINMENT company. The Queen LAtifah that host this talk show was very bland  There were many things wrong with this show, but there is no need to throw salt on a wound. Although Queen’s show is over, she has not time to boo hoo over it. Queen Latifah’s production company FLAVOR UNIT has a production development contract with Centric. Remember Queen Latifah’s company produces the Vh1 drama series Single Ladies. The drama series will no longer air on Vh1, the new season will air on Centric. Oh and lets not forget to mention the Queen’s distribution deal with Netflix. All hail the QUeen , she has no time to cry over a little talk show, when she has an empire to rule.



I reported earlier this month that FOX cancelled their new drama series Gang Related. I also stated that this was a bad idea. Well I am not alone. A group of fans have been voicing their opinion on this matter. I WANT GANG RELATED BACK. THEY WANT GANG RELATED BACK. WE WANT GANG RELATED BACK. Are the chants I hear in my head as I read each post from a Gang Related fan.

There is so much of the story left to tell. Is Javier dead? Will Chapel go after Lopez for the murder of his daughter Jessica? Will Lopez bring down the whole Acosta establishment? IS the Acosta  business doomed, because the brother Daniel and Carlos will soon go to war with each other? Come on FOX get your stuff together and green light this show for the next 3 seasons. Damn it does Vee have HIV? Will Kim continue to be bribed by the chinese gang or will he let all of his secrets out and sacrifice his sister while doing so? I have more questions for you FOX!!!!! Why are you doing this to us? You can not produce a phenomenal story and then take it away. Not cool at all. BRING BACK GANG RELATED NOW!!!!!


Whoever is reading this please go on Facebook and like the BRING GANG RELATED BACK FOR SEASON 2 PAGE

We need everyone’s support. If you can come together to sign a petition for Beyonce to comb her daughters hair (how rude), then you should definitely have the time to support this page.




An unarmed Black teen was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri. As usual the media responds. Depending on what channel you watch, you will get one side of the story. Within in every broadcast one thing remains the same. The images that are chosen to air when a black man or woman is involved in a high profile incident does not reflect who that person is or was.
Mike Brown lied dead in the street, and the world heard Ferguson, Missouri’s cries. When the media aired the story the image on the left was used to represent Mike Brown the recent high school graduate. In the days of social media any picture could have been chosen but the man in a jersey with his fingers up was the ideal image for the media outlets. Now the picture on the right was already on Facebook. Same person, perfectly different feeling you get from each photo.
In light of this tragedy, #IFTHEGUNNEDMEDOWN was created to question how would the media portray you  if you were gunned down. Shortly after this social media revolution started, more details about the Mike Brown slaying have been revealed. This post is not about what Mike Brown did or did not do, this post is about the way the media portrays our slain black men and women. If they gunned you down, which one of your pictures would the news use?