This week the all of the networks decided who stays and who goes on their line up of TV shows. I was surprised to see some shows get the ax like ABC’s The Family, that show was off the charts. Filled with lies , betrayal and lust. I am sorry to see it go. Then there were some shows that I know many though should have been cancelled a long time ago, like ABC’s Castle. Castle was on way too long, the author and the detective solving random homicides, blah blah blah. We have seen this before. Also ABC’s Nashville over stayed it’s welcome as well.  The rating were slipping and the shows spark blew out. Then there was FOX‘s Grandfathered. The whole story line was cute, but John Stamos is too old for cutesy shows. He needs to appear on a show that screams sexy.  We want to see Uncle Jessie finding himself in a love triangle (I’m not joking). Grandfathered was a dud. The actors were pretty cool, its just the story line was dry. CBS’s  Rush Hour was a rookie show, only making it through one season before  the network put the brakes on the show. Nobody watched it. Maybe it’s because we saw all of the Rush Hour movies and they were so classic, that a spin off show could never do it any justice.  Sadly once a show goes dark, there are many people looking for new gig. I hope all the crew members find there next gig sooner than later.


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