When word got out that Tyra Banks was returning to TV. I was kind of pissed off, because I was a PA for her daytime talk show for the last year she was on the air, back in 2010. (Chick why did you quit, you put me on unemployment.) So my thoughts were not so supportive, until I came to my senses and realized that holding a grudge is stupid. After I got off of my high horse I really wanted to know why Tyra was returning to TV and how can she recreate the magic she once had on television. In bold letters there is was FABLIFE. Tyra’s new show was going to be a lifestyle show, touching on beauty, fashion, home decor and more. I’ve watched a few episodes and the show is really well produced. So I am super surprised to hear that Tyra Banks has flew the coup on her own show.  After only 3 months  on the air Tyra is quitting FABLIFE to focus on her cosmetic line.  Hmmmmmmmmm………………………………………………..Good Luck girl on all of your endeavors. Next time you think about coming back to TV, make sure you are really into it. Also please keep FABLIFE on the air, but change the air time to 7pm, us working girl want to see the show too.



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