Our favorite Love and Hip Hop couple Yandy and Mandeecee, have tied the knot. Although this courtship is not perfect. These two lovebirds have been through it all, yet they still made it to the altar. In addition to having a dealing with a federal case  the couple found time to bring a new baby into the world. Before the wedding Madeecee plead guilty to a drug charge. Which may cost him 5-40 years of his freedom, oh and all of his Love and Hip Hop money goes straight to the feds for restitution. But these two lovebird’s love can withstand anything. I thought the wedding was sweet, but the guest list was just ratchet.

Now that that these two are now the Harris family. I think VH1 should fire on Harris family and hire another. Get rid of T.I’s  Family Hustle and give Yandy and  Mandeecee their own show and give it a typical name like Becoming a Harris or We are the Harris Family, whatever. The show should follow Yandy and Mandeecee’s journey after marriage and answer some of the question we all have been asking ourselves. Who is the baby mother to Mandeecee’s adorable second child  born a year before Yandy’s son Amir? Yeah that’s right I said it. Cut a check for all of the baby mama’s and let them be on reality tv too. Mandeecee will probably be going to jail soon and those babies need to eat. Life doesn’t stop just because their dad is in the slammer. That would be the ratchet part of the show, you know baby mamma drama. While that’s going on the show should showcase more of Yandy’s accolades. You know Yandy is a Howard University grad and a heavy weight in the entertainment business. We need to see more of that and if this should happen I want a producer’s credit.


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