So the 57th annual Grammy’s happened and it was kinda dry until………

Rhianna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney rocked the house…………

Annie Lenox and Hozier took us to church…….. (sorry Beyonce I don’t know what that was that you were doing)

Kristen Wig brings Chandelier to life…………

Domestic Violence was addressed and I hope the world was listening……….

Then Kanye almost did it again………..

If those things didn’t happen the Grammy would have been a total bust.

Usher’s performance was lackluster. Sam’s performance was dry although he was a major winner last night. Then Beyonce performed and Jesus was wondering why she didn’t use her talent last night. See my grandma said that god don’t like ugly The stunt Beyonce pulled to get on that stage was just Ugly. See there was major drama surrounding Beyonce’s performance. Last year Beyonce was on the Grammmy’s gyrating in her husband Jay-Z. This year she decides to sing a gospel song that was supposed to be sung by someone else. Apparently Beyonce asked to sing the song and John Legend felt like he had to give Beyonce the spot because she is Queen Bey.

Ledisi was supposed to sing Precious Lord, Take My Hand. Ledisi played Mahilia Jackson in the movie Selma and sung that  song , many feel that Beyonce stole Ledisi’s moment. Ledisi  admitted to being a little disappointed about not being able to perform the gospel song, but she is all about empowering women. If Ledisi want to keep it professional and not go off about this I can respect it, but I don’t have to. I believe Beyonce was wrong to ask to sing that song, knowing it was going to Ledisi. Those who are familiar with Ledisi know that she can sing circles around Miss Yonce. I really don’t see what was Beyonce’s motive but to be mean and spiteful. Damn Bitch at least sing the hell out the song if you are going to steal it from someone. #SHADE


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