The TV God have spoken and they are giving us more more  more of what we like.

FOX has already renewed Gotham, Brooklyn  Nine-Nine and Empire.


Gotham is on my to-do list to watch. I have t make sure my three year old is away with grandma so I can binge watch  this one. Congrats on the renewal.

Sorry folks I have not watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, but when I do I will definitely give my opinion on the show. But congrats to the cast and crew members on staying in production.

After only airing 2 episodes Empire has become a hit for FOX and they would be fools not to continue producing this gold mine. Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson back together again, this show is like Hustle and Flow revamped. Their are many story lines to follow, but they are all so worth it. Empire is juicy, gets your glasses ready and Go Sip on That. I love this show.

Good JOb FOX now all you need to do is bring back Gang Related and you will become my favorite channel to watch.


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