It’s that time of the year today. A show you have invested your time in just might have been cancelled. Keep your fingers crossed…………………..

Fox cancels Utopia. People just weren’t watching it. Fox has pulled the show from their circulation completely. You have to go the website to see the live streaming footage. I personally didn’t watch the show because I am sick of FOX. They cancelled Gang Related and I have not forgiven them.

Lifetime cancels The Lottery and Witches of East End. The ratings just didn’t hit Lifetime’s expectations. The Lottery’s ratings started off poor and the Witches of East End saw a major drop in their ratings.

ABC cancels Manhattan Love Story. The sitcoms ratings started off poor and dropped down to pathetic. No one was watching.

NBC cancels Bad Judge and A to Z. Again rating were not good. Poor Kate Walsh she went from being on hit Shonda Rhimes shows to this. Yikes.

CBS cancels Unforgettable. After being cancelled and then revived CBS has pulled the plug on Unforgettable after 3 seasons. It was just time.


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