Boy oh boy you never know what a person is capable of doing to someone else. TV Dad Stephen Collin’s warmed our hearts as the caring dad on 7th Heaven. Sadly Collin’s will no longer be know for his exceptional acting. Far more sinister acts will tarnish his career. The actor admitted to his wife and therapist that he is a child molester . Collin’s says he took advantage of under age girls several times. The girls ages range from 11 years old to 14 years old.

Collin’s can be heard on a audio recording admitting to molesting girls in the LA and NY areas. The actor believed that he was talking in a confidential setting, but this therapy session was actually taped. In California it is legal to tape a therapy session with out all parties knowing that you are doing so.  The NYPD is currently investigating Collin’s and has already flown to LA to interview Collin’s estranged wife actress Faye Grant.

Since the releasing of the tape Collins has been fired from Ted 2, and has lost his seat on the National Board of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

MY FINAL THOUGHT: The tape was created in 2012. We are now in 2014, I am not sure why we are hearing about this now. All of the victims of this crime should have been given some form of justice 2 years ago. Although Collin’s has been exposed, his victims have to relive this tragedy all over again. TMZ released the taped of the therapy session and they have protected the victims by not sharing their names. I just hope everyone else follows TMZ’s lead and continues to protect the victims. Collin’s is going to be dealt with in a proper matter, we don’t have to victimize the victims just to tell the story.


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