I reported earlier this month that FOX cancelled their new drama series Gang Related. I also stated that this was a bad idea. Well I am not alone. A group of fans have been voicing their opinion on this matter. I WANT GANG RELATED BACK. THEY WANT GANG RELATED BACK. WE WANT GANG RELATED BACK. Are the chants I hear in my head as I read each post from a Gang Related fan.

There is so much of the story left to tell. Is Javier dead? Will Chapel go after Lopez for the murder of his daughter Jessica? Will Lopez bring down the whole Acosta establishment? IS the Acosta  business doomed, because the brother Daniel and Carlos will soon go to war with each other? Come on FOX get your stuff together and green light this show for the next 3 seasons. Damn it does Vee have HIV? Will Kim continue to be bribed by the chinese gang or will he let all of his secrets out and sacrifice his sister while doing so? I have more questions for you FOX!!!!! Why are you doing this to us? You can not produce a phenomenal story and then take it away. Not cool at all. BRING BACK GANG RELATED NOW!!!!!


Whoever is reading this please go on Facebook and like the BRING GANG RELATED BACK FOR SEASON 2 PAGE

We need everyone’s support. If you can come together to sign a petition for Beyonce to comb her daughters hair (how rude), then you should definitely have the time to support this page.




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