I know the rest of the Goodie Mob is pissed at Cee-Lo Green. Their band mate Cee-Lo is in major trouble and he recently plead no contest to giving a woman the drug ecstasy. This charge is a felony. The drama in his life has cost the group their reality show.

In this day and age when you are going through something , many just tweet about it. So the pop star decided now would be a great time to go on tweeting and ranting about the act of a rape. It’s not rape if the person is passed out. People who have really been raped remember. These are just a few of the irresponsible and stupid tweets that Mr. Green allegedly created.

In the midst of Cee-Lo’s legal matters, his reality show on TBS The Good Life has been pulled off of the air. The network says that the show had extremely low ratings, but after Cee-Lo’s twitter fiasco that took the cake.

Rape should not be taken lightly. GOSIPTV takes the subject matter of such an act very seriously. Although difficult to talk about, it needs to be addressed. Cee-Lo’s nonchalant tweets about rape and rape victims is disgusting. No many or woman should fall victim to such and act.  I think the networks decision to pull the show off of the air was fair and I pretty sure their will be even more hell to pay for those tasteless tweets.


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