We all know the theme song Bad Boys Bay Boys what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you. COPS

The long running television show was currently in production for a new season with the Spike Network after being cancelled in 2013 on FOX.

Sadly a crew member was shot and killed while working on the TV show Cops. The crew was on the scene of a robbery taking place at a Wendy’s restaurant in Ohama, Nebraska. The suspect Cortez Washington fired his pellet gun at the officers and the officers proceed to fire their weapons back. Sadly a bullet from an officer’s gun fatally hit audio technician Bryce Dion. Dion was wearing bullet proof vest but because ge was hit under  his left armpit he still died from his wounds.

The Omaha police chief said It’s as if we’ve lost one of our own. Co-Founder of the show John Langley said that Dion was one of their best guys.

Sad day for the crew and the city of Omaha.




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