So the MTV VMA’s came and went. Beyonce shut the award show down with a medley of her latest albums songs. Blu Ivy, Kelly Rowland and Jay-z were all there cheering her on. Face it people, Beyonce is the greatest entertainer alive. She is FLAWLESS.

There is going to be much talk about Beyonce’s remarkable performance, so let me touch on a few other things from the VMA’s that deserve a mention.

Miley Cyrus won an award and instead of accepting the award herself, she let a homeless gentlemen accept the award a give a speech about homelessness in the city of Los Angeles. At first it was weird (because Miley didn’t come on stage) but it got emotional real quick.

Oh and the Anaconda Rapper Nicki Minaj performed with an obvious wardrobe malfunction. She was performing with Ariana Grande and Jessie J. MTV also caught a glimpse of Ariana and her boo Big Sean backstage holding hands. Why is he called Big Sean though? 

And this happened……… Katy Perry and Riff Raff came to the award show together in matching outfits, hot damn! Remember Riff Raff was a contestant on the reality show from G’s to Gent’s. Fonzworth Bentley tried to help this man, but I guess he learned nothing about style and everything about networking. How did these two cross paths, only god knows.

 Overall it was a pretty good show. Good job MTV.


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