By: Brittney Werts

Don’t Call It A Come Back

Even If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks I’m sure you’re still aware of the much anticipated and discussed arrival of Black Jesus. Last night at 11pm EST on Cartoon Network, Aaron McGruder made his return to late night television and stepped back into the spotlight of controversy. No stranger to ruffling feathers, self proclaimed “troubled maker” McGruder has taken his biggest strides to push envelopes and people’s buttons with the premiere of his newest satire- Black Jesus.

McGruders depictions of not only a modern day Jesus, but that of one of color is sure to make a few eyes roll. Trust me, that’s surely his intention. He did it for years with his series “The Boondocks”  on Adult Swim and is quite good at, so let that man live. His newest satirical creation will make you think about very rarely disscussed but prevalent, issues of race and religion in America.

Over 2000 years ago you could’ve caught him on the Mount of Olives performing miracles and pastoring to his 12 desciples. Nowadays, Black Jesus is “smoking, chilling, and drinking” in Southwest Compton with his homies. From turning water into “Yack”, being the getaway driver in a drug deal gone awry,  and offering up compassion, understanding and love for all man kind, Black Jesus does it all.

The premiere left me wanting more and wishing it was more than just 30 minutes. I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 2 when Black Jesus scouts out an area for a community garden on the wrong side of town.

Chock full of hilarious one liners, wacky situations, and a decent cast, the show as a whole is actually decent and tastefully done. If you don’t have an appreciation for tongue and cheek innuendo, or a sense of humor in general, please pray for one. If you’d rather turn your nose up, than enjoy the show, don’t worry,  Black Jesus, “still loves your b*tch a$$ by default.”

Tune in to catch Black Jesus in all his  controversial glory Thursday nights at 11pm on the Cartoon Network.


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