Hallelujah lets shout to the heavens. TV Land has renewed Soul Man, every since the show started taping in front of a live studio audience the show has just gotten better and better. Improv works in mysterious ways, I guess. Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash are dynamite. Thier work relationship was meant to be. Fun Fact: Cedric the Entertainer co-created the show and he is also one of the executive producers. He really is a king of comedy.


There are many bad things happening in this world as we speak, but two doctors are trying to do right by people who have been done wrong by other so called plastic surgeons. Dr. Terry and Dr. Paul are helping those who have been Botched. Thanks to E! these fellas can continue to do so, because thier show Botched has been renewed. The new reality series has gotten earned it’s way into our hearts. The gut wrenching stories the patients carry are given heart warming results. These docs rock. Can’t wait to see the new season.


Boy Meets World was on of my favorite TGIF shows when I was a kids. Now that Corey and Topanga have married and had their own family, Girl Meets Worlds has taken over. There is a new generation of fans  that are loving the Disney scripted series. Viewership has reached the millions and this is why Girl Meets World has been renewed for another season.




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