Toyota‘s new commercial for their 2015 Sienna wagon has some people steaming mad. The company has posted a few Swagger Wagon commercials over the years, but this particular one features Busta Rhymes. I have viewed the commercial a few times and I think it’s funny. But please don’t tell Black Twitter that I said that.

In the commercial their is a white suburban family rapping about how cool the swagger wagon is and so on. Alright listen up mother fathers this one is about the swagger wagon says the little girl in the beginning of the video. The family then proceeds to rap about the vehicle and they do the famous Soulja Boy superman dance, the two step and the kids make it rain with coins. Oh thats not all the kids also jump out of bed in shiny red suits, like Mase and P. Diddy did back in the day. There is also a product placement for Sirius XM and their Hip Hop Nation radio station, before Busta Rhymes appears on the screen.

Some feel it’s making a mockery out of hip hop. WRONG!!!! Hip Hop had a stroke when Khia made My Neck, My Back, then had a heartache when Soulja Boy came out, it’s now on Life  Support thanks to songs like Versace and It Ain’t Nothing  To Cut That Bitch Off. Don’t get mad at Toyota for using Hip Hop’s foolishness to sell their cars.


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