When you think of a cartoon series, do you every think of Mike Tyson? Me neither.

Well the saying the impossible is possible surely applies to this story. Former boxer Mike Tyson’s brand is now adding a cartoon to the mix. Adult Swim presents Mike Tyson’s Mysteries. Mike and hos team solve odd ball mysteries. It’s like the A-team but better. Mike team consist of a talking pigeon, his adopted Korean daughter and a ghost from a different time period. It makes no sense, but that the great thing about it. The story line is so bizarre. How could you not watch this?

In the trailer their is a scene where Mike sings a song called I ain’t got time for bird sex. With that being said I have to watch this show, seriously.

Also Mike Tyson has also expressed his interest in Jamie Fox playing him in the Mike Tyson Biopic. Jamie can definitely pull this off. Do it Jamie!!!!!


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