Just when you thought the Aaliyah Movie was not going to be made, someone has saved the day. I think. Wendy Williams has just announced the she is the new executive producer for the Aaliyah movie. She has chosen Alexandra Shipp to play the R&B princess Aaliyah.

Aaliyah’s family is still not involved in the production and Wendy does not care. The gossip queen said they are going to get this movie right. The movie will touch on what happened with R. Kelly and Damon Dash and her families reaction to her love life.

Here are my thoughts about this……………………….

If the family is not involved how will we really know the families reactions to the R. Kelly fiasco and Aaliyah’s relationship with Damon Dash. I personally don’t think the R. Kelly stuff should be in the movie.

R. Kelly if you ever had some balls, now would be a time to use them.  I would fight this.

Focusing on the R. Kelly stuff is not good for Aaliyah’s image or R. Kelly’s comeback. Also Aaliyah was a kid when this happened. Leave it alone. The songstress died when she was 22, she hasn’t had a long dating history. The hiccup with R. Kelly did not make Aaliyah a star.

I want to hear some Aaliyah music in this movie and I want to see the power struggle with the music industry. I have heard that Aaliyah would fight the record execs to be the artist she wanted to be. She was different and she was one in a million.

Wendy Williams getting her hands on this project is not a good idea. #noshade

Will you watch?



  1. yes I saw this I am so over it! I don’t think I want to even watch this, people keep debating the fact that she is biracial and aaliyah was clearly not, all though that is not my issue, the fact that they still refuse to cast an authentic “look-a-like” boils my juices. What are they going to base the story off of? really? the family, nor personal friends are involved in this, damn can we get Fatima at least? I just see this being a flop, they need to go back to the drawing board. I will say this at least they got someone who has more of a “feel” of Aaliyah then their first choice. I will watch for review purposes, but other then that Rip baby girl and too bad we could not pay more respect to her legacy and give something better

  2. While I agree with much of what you have said, I will watch the movie to see if Wendy Williams “get’s it right”. While fans have come to their own conclusions about what happened with R. Kelly and Aaliyah, it would be hard to make a movie about Aaliyah and not touch on the R. Kelly situation, as that was a part of her life. I look forward to seeing the movie, although I am disappointed that none of her music will be played in the movie. How can you make a movie about a singer without including their music?

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