I guess it’s out with the old and in with the new at FOX Sports. Veteran sportscaster Pam Oliver has been demoted and replaced by Erin Andrews for this coming football season. Just call Erin Mrs. Getouttheway, because she has the power to take ones job. First she snatches up Brooke Burke‘s co-host position with Dancing with the Stars and now Pam’s job. Why is Erin is such high demand? Who is she? I had no clue who she was until she appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Pam is not too happy about ending her time as the sideline reporter. She really had plans for her 20th year on the field, although it’s over, her time with FOX Sports is not. Pam will be working on other productions for the network.

After giving FOX Sports almost 20 years, I hope the execs at FOX show Pam how much they appreciate her. Their producers better be planning an anniversary special. She deserves it. How many women last that long in a male dominated industry, such as sports broadcasting?



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