I am now a believer of the Wendy Williams Spidey Sense. Wendy can smell drama and shade. On the R&B Divas reunion, Wendy hinted at the their being trouble in paradise for the R&B Diva Angie Stone and her beau/manager Ashanti.

Apparently Ashanti has been cheating and it just might be with multiple women. But a particular staff member for the TV One Franchise is being called the side chick. According to MadameNoire the staff was aware of Ashanti’s infidelities, but they are not  sure if it was with a staff member.

The TV biz is very small behind the scenes, right now the production team is protecting this particular staff member, but loyalty is not a worried that is often used on any TV set. It is a matter of time before someone gives this lady up, to the tabloids.

Not everybody can be Todd Tucker and marry a star of the show. I hope Angie finds peace and a better manager, because she is not where she should be in her career. I also hope that this staff member is being falsely accused, because this is a tough business. When one women is labeled as home-wrecker, it makes it hard for the women that are busting their behinds to stay in this business.

I guess Angie really did quit the show then. What do you think?



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