CORRECTION: In this post it may come off as I am  referring homelessness to being mentally disturbed. No way  am I trying to imply theses two unfortunate circumstances are related.  Just because your mentally disturbed that doesn’t mean your homeless and vice versa. I could have done this whole post over but I wanted to just leave it as it is and just explain. No one has complained about the post but I was just re-reading it and I was hoping no one thinks I have implied that these two issues are related. Thank you.


Morning talk show host Micheal Strahan had a rough morning on the set of Good Morning America. This was no joke. An obviously mentally disturbed man, demanded access inside of  ABC studios to kill Micheal Strahan. The man lunged at an ABC employees and started  waving a knife around.

This disturbed individual is actually a homeless 25 year old by the name if Andre Johnson. There have been so many cuts to mental health programs and homeless facilities. Many people who should be admitted into a facility for medical treatment are roaming the street. No one is safe. Luckily Andre was not able to perform this deadly act on Micheal Strahan or anyone else.

This is not the first time a talk show host has been threatened. A few weeks back Wendy Williams life was also threatened.

English: Wendy Williams in June 2005

English: Wendy Williams in June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A crazed fan was able to slip through security on a few times and roam around the studio. I really do not know how this is possible, I used to work in this same studio and security is usually tight, you can’t even bring cellphones inside.

Well this fan demanded that he have some one on one time with Mrs. Williams. The cops were called and this looney tune was dealt with. Now Wendy walks around the studio with bodyguards and she continues to fear for her life. That is no way to live.



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