In just 25 years Chris Brown has had a pretty interesting life. Many career highlights and career low lights. BET would like to add to the drama. BET was so badly to produce a reality tv show about the singers career comeback after prison.

Personally I think Chris Brown already has a reality show that airs on many networks, from the Wendy Williams Show to E! News, someone is always doing a story on this guy. I hope Chris Brown’s team does not talk the singer into doing this. I smell a setup. Putting Chris Brown on Reality TV is a great disservice to him. He is a great artist, let him be just that. We don’t need to know everything that goes on with him. The man can’t even like a picture on instagram without the world judging him.

A focus group of predominately African American women, were asked if they would watch a Chris Brown reality show. Some of the women said they would watch just to see if he would screw up. Well hot damn it’s that a big dose of encouragement. See people relate reality TV with drama and negativity. What happened to shows like MTV’s Diary? That would be a platform for Chris Brown to tell a bit of his story.

Don’t do a reality show Chris.



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