Back by popular demand, LA Preacher’s has been taped and wrapped. That’s right your prayers have been answered the Bishops, Pastors and Ministers are ready to bless us again. When LA Preacher’s premiered last year, many talked negatively about about the show, but that did not stop us from watching it. Does that make us heathens? Bishop TD Jakes wanted the hit show to be pulled off of the air. Sorry Bishop.

LA Preacher’s gave us a glimpse of what happens behind the pulpit. Many in the black community do not dare probe into their pastor’s life. Many will gossip, but never get the facts, most church talk is created all by speculation.

Last season was filled with all  sorts of things to talk about, Bishop Deitrick has a  baby out of wedlock with his then side piece, that he eventually married. Bishop Noel Jones brother of Grace Jones (as if that’s not enough to talk about) is a single man of power who has women throwing themselves at him constantly. Many rumors have roamed the net about the bishop dating high profile celebrities, but that’s all talk. Bishop Ron Gibson used to be a gangster and he found god, he stays affiliated with the streets, while helping his sister fight her drug addiction. Then Pastor Jay Haizlip used to be a drug addict himself. Whew!

LA Preacher’s returns on August 20 @ 10 on the Oxygen Network.


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