If you have Instagram of Facebook I’m pretty sure you have seen the spree of Kermit the Frog poster with outrageous quotes circulating your news feed. #butthatnonofmybusiness

Well according to Creme BMP Steve Wildfire, Kermit’s puppeteer is pissed off about the the meme and has posted on his instagram account that black people ruin everything. They took  Tommy Hilfiger and started wearing it two sizes too big and ruined it. i have searched high and low for proof of this. There wasn’t a screen shot taken not even a link to the comments.

So then I looked into the site Creme BMP and all of their stories are bogus, they have a story on their that says Justin Beiber committed suicide. This site is obviously for entertainment purposes only. They really had me going there. If you want to read bogus content go check out Creme BMP, it is very entertaining. I guess the joke is on me. Overall I am happy that this story is not true.



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