After spending hours of my sleep time watching Orange is the New Black, I am so tired and a little pissed off. I have so many questions and the first one is………When is the 3 rd season starting because I need to some things. Lots of things went on this season. After all of the waiting for season 2 to arrive. I must say this season was a little ehhh. Here is what I learned…….


1. Piper has mental issues. That Alex Vause is a disease to Piper’s life and she is eating away at a her brain. Last season I felt bad for Pipes, not anymore. She’s a dummy.

2. Morello is a psycho. Her fiancee is actually her victim. That wanna be barbie girl was obsessed with a man who can not stand her ass.

3. Boo is traitor and she literally wants to screw everybody.

4. Poussey is in love with Tastyee and I’m pretty sure her parents are so pissed at her. They served our country and their daughter ends up serving time.

5. Black Cindy is actually a reckless irresponsible mom, whose daughter thinks she is her sister.

6. Tastyee is some kind of genius who was set up to fail. Growing up in foster care has hindered her from reaching her full potential, jail might be the best place for her right now.

7. RED is really not tough at all, its all an act and she utilizes the whole power in numbers spiel. We are family she says. #loadofcrap

8. Caputo is in a band and is looking for love. His current girlfriend is his job and sometimes she is nice to him and other times she screws him over, but he gets the last laugh.

9. All Crazy Eyes wants is to be loved and be treated like everyone else.

10. Vee is a evil broad who gets what she deserves. Getting hit by a woman given 6 weeks t live is the greatest form of Karma.


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