Executive Producer of Love and Hip Hop Mona Scott is having some trouble with the courts. She was subpoenaed by Project Child Support. The are asking Mona Scott to release documents that will confirm that Stevie J is receiving compensation for appearing on the show. Mona has  been interfering with the child support case. She has been covering up Stevie’s finances. Mona testified that her company Monami does not engage in any business with Stevie J.

We all know that Stevie J is Mona’s golden child. His I wanna be a player, rat face behavior has made Love and Hip Atlanta a household name. When Stevie J was arrested for owing more that $1 million in child support, Mona Scott is the one who bailed Stevie out. She posted $25k for  his bail.

Now Mona is a mother, I am not sure why she feel the need to meddle in Stevie’s child support endeavors. Im pretty sure she would not want anyone messing with her children’s money. I wonder is Mona is doing this on purpose to take a jab at Stevie J’s baby mama Carole Bennett. Bennett also worked in the music industry, maybe their are some skeletons from the past being hidden. (That’s quite a stretch, but hey you never know).

Mona you should be ashamed of yourself!



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