Dr. Oz America’s TV Doctor was harshly scolded by the senate. Apparently the senate is not happy with Dr.Oz claiming that some weight loss products are miracles. Since people trust Dr. Oz’s every word, the senate does not agree with Dr. Oz’s cheerleading of these products. Dr. Oz’s says he is not paid to feature these products and has nothing to do with these people. Dr.Oz says he uses language that he hopes to engage his viewers.

It is extremely frustrating, to have folks use your words and take advantage of your trust that you built with a lot of hard work says Dr. Oz.

Clips of  Dr.Oz’s show has been featured on many weight loss product websites without his consent. He does not sale these products and does not benefit from them. These companies have taken Dr.Oz’s image and words and manipulated them. Sadly he is being used a target for this moment. Does this recent tongue lashing from the senate change your views about Dr. Oz? Will you continue to watch The Dr.Oz Show?


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