Actress and community activist Ruby Dee Davis has passed away peacefully in her home in New Rochelle. Ruby and her husband Ossie were an idolized Hollywood couple. Their style, their grace and all that they stood for was powerful.

Ruby’s work can be seen on numerous movies. She was also featured in the Betty and Coretta TV movie (narrator), CSI, There Eyes were Watching God TV movie,  Little Bill (the voice of Alice the Great), Touch by an Angel, Cosby, Roots and many more.

With all of her success Ruby even found time to earn a bachelor’s degree at CUNY‘s Hunter College. Her major was languages, she focused on Spanish and French.

Her resume is pretty remarkable. She was more than just an actress, she walked with her head high with civil rights activists Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. There are not many women that  beam her style and grace. I am sadden about her death, but I know she is now with her husband. Literally, Ruby left i her will for her ashes to be put in the same urn, which is engraved  In this thing together.


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