TV producer Mona Scott-Young has pissed the Black Sorority Community off, with her new show called Sorority Sisters. The Black Greek Letter Community does not want Mona Scott desecrating their longstanding respectable image. Mona Scott has been nickname Queen of Ratchet TV. She is the creator of the oh so famous Love and Hip Hop franchise. Her shows are always under scrutiny. People complain about the characters being too ghetto, or being fake. So we can clearly see why the Black Greek Letter Community would not want Mona around.

Sorority Sisters had a trailer online, but it has since been taken down. So let me give you a rundown of what the show is ultimately about. The show would follow women who pledge to become apart of a Black Greek Sorority and current members. We would get a look into the members only society.

When you join a sorority you are expected to be apart of the organization for life. This show will  expose what it is like for graduated members to remain loyal to their Greek Letter’s after college. It sounds pretty boring, but in reality TV you can make anything ratchet if you put the talent in the right situations (to create drama).

So back to the trailer being taken down. This could be a result of the petition that is currently being signed by “Stop the Spread of Ignorance and Stereotyping of our beloved Black Greek Organizations.” 


Is anything sacred anymore? Will the people’s voices be heard? Will Mona Scott win again?


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  1. I will sign the petition and I agree with those who do not want the reality show about the sorority. Mona Scott has an awful reputation in regards to the quality of entertainment she produces. Many honorable African Americans as well as several civil rights leaders, who fought and died to give her the opportunity to produce her “rachetness” were and are members of sororities. We should not disregard their contributions to the African American people to “line” Mona Scott’s pockets. Stevie J and Joseline have done nothing to enhance the quality of life for African Americans. Arguably, neither have sororities themselves, but because the history of African American sororities and fraternities is associated with African American social and political activists, the legacy of African American sororities and fraternities should not be defamed nor disgraced. SAY NO TO MO!

    • Preach girl. I totally agree with you. Allowing Mona to due such a project is a true injustice to all sorority’s and fraternities. Thank you for your comment.

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