As if being on a show about teen mom’s was not enough drama. One teen mom is now coming out with shocking accusations. Aleah LeBeouf is saying that the producers of the hit MTV show Teen Mom often the them what to say. Whoa MTV may have to clear these statements up, because even a cameraman for the show said the show was somewhat fake via Reddit.

Producer’s are there to produce. So I don’t see any harm in telling the on air talent what they are looking for. Especially if the talent is a 16 year old girl, who has never been on television before and on top of that they are pregnant. Geesh!!! Some people get stage fright. I wonder if Aleah will be sued by the network for these comments. Before you are taped you have to sign an agreement which cover permission to appear on the show and confidentiality stuff. This is not cool on her part.

Many Teen Mom fan’s have let it be know via twitter and Facebook that they are not happy with the things Aleah is saying about their show.

What are your thoughts? Is reality real or manufactured? Do you even care? Or are you cool with what goes on behind the scenes, because the show is so damn entertaining?

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