It look like Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) reality star Aviva, will be getting a new step mama. Aviva’s dad George Teichner is a handsome 76 year old and he has found love again.

Aviva’s dad has a new PYT (pretty young thang) on his arm and she is 25 years old and black, honey. Her name is Cody and RHONY is not the first reality show she has appeared on. Cody was on Oxygen’s reality series Find Me My Man. As soon as Cody hit the screen with Aviva’s dad George, the haters started to call her a gold digger.

Cody has her own line of nail salons Tippie Toes. She is capable of taking care of herself.

Get this, Aviva actually likes Cody and thinks that Cody should be an actual housewife on RHONY.

Do you think Cody should join the cast? Would it be a major shake-up?


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