R&B superstar Keyshia Cole first introduced us to her family in her reality show The Way It Is. Once Keyshia gained her claim to fame, she wanted to gain her family as well. So she went on a hunt and found she had a drug addicted mother, who had a slew of broken kids. Her sister Neffie who is very rough and very fertile gave Keyshia lots of trouble as well.


Every since the show stopped tapping, Keyshia’s family has found themselves in the news. Keyshia has cut off all contact with her family. She was not happy about the things they were doing for exposure. She believe’s they were using and riding her coattail for their own personal gain.

We’ve all seen the family’s antics and although they were entertaining at times, it was also sad. Many would assume that Keyshia really wished she left her not so traditional family where she found them. Well our assumptions were right. Keyshia is tired of them. She has asked her family to stop doing reality television. It looks like they have ignored Keyshia’s request.

The family will be on a new reality show, Family Therapy. Mom Frankie and her kids will work out their issues while all living under one roof. Some of them have never even met before.  The will be counseled by  family therapist Susan Rosovsky.

The pilot of the show has yet to be picked up by any networks. I hope it never gets picked up. The 3 minute trailer below is a sad case of neglect and blame. These people don’t need this kind of exposure, they need real help behind closed doors. Keyshia Cole is right. Her family really should not be on TV.



  1. I agree, they are being exploited for ratings and they are exploiting themselves for money. They need un-recorded professional help. Going on TV will only make things worse. Although they are siblings they are essentially strangers- throwing strangers into a house to live with one another will only lead to disaster. They should try having little family gatherings periodically and slowly begin to get to know one another, before they begin living together.

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