We have seen many foul things on TV, but Lifetime’s new reality series Born in the Wild takes the cake. The show is about pregnant women who want to literally have a natural birth. Usually natural birth means, no meds, no machines. Just the mom, a midwife, a pail of water, and some towels.

Well Born in the Wild will follow expecting parents who want to give birth in the wild with the trees, bugs, dirt and creepy crawlers. There will be no doctors allowed. These parents want to do this on their own. Sounds crazy huh? Well it has been done, actually the show was inspired by a YouTube video of a woman giving birth in the wild. This video has had over 20 million views.

Watch the video below at your own risk.

Well Born with the Wild is not yet in production, but it is already stirring up much controversy. Doctor’s  have voiced their opinion and basically said that this is not smart, and it puts the baby and the mother in danger.

Lifetime reassures the critics that all mothers who participate will first be cleared, with a clean bill of health, by a health care professional. Or else they can not partake in production of Born in the Wild.

Well I have given birth and it is no easy task. The pain is unbearable and anything can go wrong. My son went into distress every time I had a contraction. Thankfully I had a great team of doctors at my bedside. I was rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section. I had a healthy pregnancy and then that happened. Giving  birth is a blessing, but it can turn into a nightmare. I really hope Lifetime has the insurance to cover the damage it may face, by doing such a show.

Does Born in the Wild sound like something you would watch? Let me know.


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