Remember when you had to have some kind of talent to become famous? Or you had to work extremely hard to get into the spotlight. Well times have changed. Some of today’s stars have followed the tradition map to success, but thanks to reality television many people are called stars and haven’t done much to earn the title.

Well meet the Artiaga family. They are the stars of the CW Networks new reality series Famous In 12. The family recently moved to Hollywood on a quest to stardom. Produced by the Harvey Levin Productions, the family will be followed for 12 straight weeks and put into situations created by TMZ. Yes TMZ!! Sound like it’s going to be a circus huh?

Well the first episode has already premiered. The highlight of the episode featured Ray-J talking to Jameelah Artiaga about doing a sex tape.  She wanted a few pointers on how to do one and how to get famous after it is released. After the tapping Ray-J was arrested, fondling a woman and spitting on a cop. #RATCHET

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next episode will entail.

Recently the Artiaga sisters photo bombed the infamous Shelly Sterling.


What would you do for fame?


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