Talk show host and actress Ricki Lake did an interesting interview with Pablo Presta. Pablo has a show on YouTube called A Spoonful of Paolo.

Pablo talks over Ricki a little bit, but I think he is really excited.

In the interview Ricki talked about her acting career, and she was just happy to make $20,000 for an acting gig. When she was granted the opportunity for her syndicated talk show , Ricki tried to negotiate her own deal for just $5,000, because she needed the money. She started The Ricki Lake Show at the tender age of 24 and her show lasted 11 seasons. Critics said that Ricki’s Show was responsible for the demise of young people. #criticsarehaters

Ricki was nominated for an Emmy only for the first year of her first round of The Ricki Lake Show. But get this she won an Emmy for her second version of the The Ricki Lake Show, but she was not in attendance at the awards ceremony. She said she didn’t think she was going to win. Many people were surprised at Ricki’s winning as well, they thought her recent version of her show was not that great. But hey she has an Emmy now. Go Ricki!!! Go Ricki!!!


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