Harrison, I mean Columbus Short was leaving a comedy club the other day and TMZ had a little chat with him. Short walked towards the camera singing “Started from the bottom, and I’m back at the bottom.” Joking about being let go from Scandal. Of course the TMZ rep asked a few ridiculous questions, but Columbus was a good sport about it.

TMZ rep: How did you get fired?

Short: They sent a snap chat.

I guess with all of the drama Columbus has faced and has yet to face, he has to just laugh about it all. My grandma would tell me, some people laugh so hard baby, just to keep from crying.

If I lost my job on a hit prime time drama, because of some BS. I would cry everyday. I’m not sure what ole Columbo is going to do. He has a background in dance, maybe he can find a way to incorporate that into his future ventures. Hey Columbus if your reading this (#miracle)  you need to write a show for a network that needs a scripted series like TV One. The show should be about these dance teachers who has a great career and somehow they lost it all and now they are trying to mentor the next dance superstars. But the mentors and the mentees clash because somehow all of their drama is connected to one another. I’m sure this idea needs some minor adjustments, but you can do this man. You worked under Shonda Rhimes, please don’t tell me all you did was play a role and you didn’t learn anything from this TV GODDESS.

Damn it are you a Gladiator or are you a B**ch?

We are going to miss you Harrison.

P.S. I will not be posting anything else about Columbus unless it’s something positive. I have followed this brother throughout his career and I am deeply sadden to see it all snatched from him.



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