In the wonderful world of Reality TV stardom, lots of thinks have went down so far this week. Kim and Kanye got hitched and the world went crazy. Sadly people are now having office pool bets on how long their marriage will last. Not so fast, I think these two are going to actually last, they are just alike. Remember when Wendy Williams said if these two get married she will eat crow. She better eat it.

Wendy vows to eat CROW!

Meanwhile Love and Hip Hop star K. Michelle has picked a new twitter punching bag, and it’s rapper Iggy Azalea. K. Michelle wanted Iggy to know that she was offended that the rapper sounds like a rapper from Tennessee (southern accent), but is actually from another country. Well Perez Hilton was not feeling this, so he decided to jump in and put K. Michelle in her place. He said told K that she need to go and work on her #2 hit and that instead of #offended it should be #jealous. Well K replied by telling Perez she like him better with pink hair and 4 chins. #SONASTYSORUDE

tweet1 tweet2 tweet3 tweet4

That’s not all! The Love and Hip Hop team has been hit with more drama. Sleezy Stevie J and mature porn star Mimi are at odds again. Stevie was not invited to their daughter Eva’s pre-k  graduation. Well he was not happy about that. I’m surprised Stevie is so upset. It’s not like he is present in his other kids lives, he still owes them back child support.

Then Benzino was kicked off of a plane. He says the AirTran staff were rude and profiled him and his wife. Yes I said wife, he recently married Althea Hart. Passengers on the plane said that Benzino went on a rant after a flight attendant asked him about their seats. they were sitting in first class.  He called her a racist MotherFather. Benzino and Althea was asked to get off at the Chicago layover. Air Tran has since released an apology to the reality star couple.

Reality bites the dust.






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