You know I am going to have to reevaluate my relationship with the TLC channel. First they stuff Jon and Kate Plus Eight down our throats for way too long. Then Jon and Kate broke up, which was no surprise to anyone. Kate was mean and good for Jon to get away from  her. Too bad the kids had to endure that mess.

So once TLC pulls the show off of the air, and the kids try to live a normal life. TLC decides to put them back on the air. Why?

Leave the kids alone. I’m sure Kate had something to do with this. I thought she would have learned her lesson after being embarrassed on Live television by her Twins Cara and Mady.

This is the one thing I despise about reality TV, these networks make people feel important and then they don’t know when their time is up. Since the cancelling of the Gosselin shows, Kate had been on Dancing with the Stars and we here she was unpleasant to deal with. Then every once in a while she pops up on a talk show. Give it up lady!!

TLC is airing a 2 part special on the Gosselin bunch, Kate celebrates her sextuplets turning 10.

On June 19th and June 26th on TLC at 10pm.


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