Your favorite Disney Villain is coming to your TV screens. The Disney channel is currently producing the Disney channel original movie Descendants. The movie is set in present times, with picturesque kingdom. Belle and Beast (of Beauty and the Beast) teenage son is next to earn the throne, but his first proclamation will involve a chance of redemption for the mischievous, misbehaved kids of the following notorious Disney Villians. Cruella De Vil, Maleficient, Evil Queen, and Jafar.

The teen will attend a prep school and they will have decide if they should follow in their parents footsteps or do their own thing.

Wendy Raquel Robinson will play Cruella De Vil, yay. This is so exciting. Kristin Chenoweth will play Maleficient. Kathy Najimy will play Evil Queen (from Snow White), remember she was a witch in Hocus Pocus. Love her. Comedian Maz Jobrani will play Jafar.

Disney’s Descendant will premiere in 2015.



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