Admist all the celebration for Barbra and her retirement, The View  co-host Sherri Shepard is facing some hard times. I think Sherri needs an Academy Award for keeping cool and staying professional through her divorce from Sal. Now her ex-husband Jeffrey Tarpley is coming with  his claws out. Jeffery wants full custody of their son Jeffrey Jr.

He claims that Jeffrey Jr. is being raised by a bunch of unskilled nannies. He says that Sherri is too busy with her career to take care of Jeffrey. He also says that Jeffrey is damn near illiterate and can’t tie his shoes.  Tarpley has not been an active dad in Jeffrey’s life, so for him to say such mean things about his progression is disgusting. Jeffrey is a special needs child,  he can’t help the way he is.

Now if Tarpley didn’t sleep around and get his mistress pregnant while married to Sherri, he would know more about his son. Sherri says that Tarpley does not deserve to be in Jeffrey Jr.’s life because he has been absent for so long.

Talk about being a hot topic. These battles Sherri is facing will only get messier. I hope she finds the strength to whether the storm.


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