I’m so happy I went to CVS to stock up on my Kleenex tissues. I definitely needed them for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

That damn Shonda Rhimes and her writing team always find a way to make me cry. Well let me tell you what happened. There was a huge disaster at the mall. So all the emergency room was flooded with patients. Dr. Christina Yang pops up and gets into action. Yang should be getting ready to leave, but she doesn’t know how to say good bye. Throughout the ciaos, Owen is looking for Christina. Meredith is trying to force Yang to leave and Bailey has her eyes on Yang’s board member seat. All of the other doctor’s have stuff going on but they will be back next season so I’m just going to focus on Meredith and Yang.

So Yang has a patient come in for heart surgery, while she is scrubbing in Meredith stops her. Yang yells “I have to finish something , everything feel like it’s not finished. ” Meredith grabs Yang’s hand and says it’s time to go. As they are walking out they see Dr. McDreamy and Yang says Goodbye and the hug. It was a little weird to see Yang show emotion towards others. She continues her hugging spree with Dr. Bailey and Dr. Burke. Dr. Yang also hires one of the residents to come and work with her. Looks like Yang is on a roll and she will board her plane on time to Switzerland. So Meredith pushes Yang in a cab and Yang and sees her patients heart has arrived. Yang says “I have to do the surgery.” Meredith says “no Dr. Pierce will do the surgery.” Yang just stares like a deer caught in headlights and Meredith says “what do you need an I love you or something. Well I love you. Call me when you get there.”

Just when we though Yang was gone she shows up and Meredith is wondering what the hell is wrong with her. Yang says “we are not finished yet.” They go into a room and dance their asses off to (LMAO they can’t dance, but they were having fun). Before Yang leaves she gives her some instructions to watch Owen and Alex. Then she says……….


Then Dr. Christina Yang is off to meet her next journey in life.


After a long hectic day. Dr. Pierce is sitting outside. Remember Dr. Pierce is Yang’s cover for the heart surgery. Oh the surgery went well.

Like I was saying, Dr. Pierce was sitting outside and Dr. Burke walks up and says something like do you know what you have gotten yourself into. This starts a conversation between the two of them. Dr. Pierce says “I was adopted and it took me a while to find my birth mother. She died but her name is all over this hospital. She was amazing.” Dr. Burke looks stunned and nervous. Oh Dr. Pierce is clearly bi-racial.

Dr. Burke says what was your mother’s name. Then she says Ellis Grey.

I know what your thinking. Dr. Pierce is Dr. Burke’s daughter. Remember Dr. Burke and Dr. Ellis Grey were lovers, for a longtime. Well Dr. Burke you are the father.OMG we have a black president and now we have a black Dr. Grey. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That damn Dr. Ellis Grey put her baby up for adoption, but that was probably the best thing for her. Eliis had no emotion she was a tough unapproachable mom.

Next season can’t get here quick enough. I can’t wait.

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