It was just yesterday when NeNe posted a tweet that had us thinking she quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well it’s a good thing we don’t get paid for thinking, because NeNe is not leaving the show. As a matter of fact, NeNe is getting a raise. She is currently the highest paid reality star ever. NeNe will now be making $1.5 million a season.

Remember when she said Cynthia needs to be let go? Many have felt that Cynthia really has no opinion and she just goes where the wind blows. Well NeNe has got the power! Cynthia has been demoted from a leading cast member to a friend of on of the leading ladies. She will tape every once and a while.

I have a feeling Kenya will be doing lots of ass kissing to NeNe next season.

Porsha will be fired and not replaced. So I guess that means Sheree will not bee coming back to RHOA. I’m sure Porsha’s video of her bashing the gay community didn’t help her fight to stay on RHOA. Oh well Porsha I guess you don’t have a platform to keep blaming Kordell for all of your problems.

Andy Cohen!!!!! Give Sheree a show damn it. Get rid of Kim’s show that is a waste of production. Sheree needs to be back on TV. NeNe since your words seem to be golden over there at BRAVO hook Sheree up girl.



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