E! Kourtney & Khole take the Hamptons nay not happen. The resident’s of the Hamptons are not happy about the girl coming to their neck of the woods. Just to stall the production, no one will rent to the rowdy crew. They can’t get a house or a store front for their Dash pop-up shop.  The residents do not want the paparazzi and fanfare coming to their town.

As you know the Hamptons is filled with the rich and wealthy society. So they really don’t need the extra rigmarole. They are probably sitting on their yacht saying……Oh God those damn Kardashian’s want to come stink up the place. Khole with her messy divorce and her rapper boyfriend. Oh god please keep the riff raff away. Kourtney with her alcoholic babies father will be running amok. This is absurd.

Well I hope Khole and Kourtney show up any damn way and have a party of a lifetime.

The Hampton’s Mayor Epley has stated that their have not been any film permits filed as of yet. So let’s see how this will go.


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