Well folks it looks like MTV’s Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham has been  cut from the show. The producers decided to remove her from the franchise, for being a bad example. Farrah is not a porno star. She has multiple tapes out right now and sex toys. So apparently Maci, Catelyn and Amber said that they would not do another season on Teen Mom if Farrah was involved.

I say cancel the whole damn show then. Farrah is a porn star, but Amber is a freaking ex-con and an abuser. I’m surprised she hasn’t beat the hell out of  one of the camera men yet. Catelynn and  Tyler’s relationship is just torture. Catelynn needs to let that boy go and move on with her life and Maci is just boring. The show was going to end one day, so end it now.  Out of all of those ladies Farrah will return to TV again, she is a hustler and will do anything for attention and fame.

It’s funny how the producers all of a sudden want to have some kind of morals. Firing Farrah was a mistake. Why not get the girl some damn help. Instead of kicking her too the curb after you used her up. Remember you are the one who gave Farrah Abraham a platform in the first place.


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