Well Wendy Williams thinks Bravo’s  Thicker Than Water was a terrible show,but they have been renewed. So you will get to see more of the Tankard Family spending all of that congregation money on lots of luxury. Blah, blah blah. Boring! The real story is the relationship between those sisters. Jewel Tankard and her sisters Junetta have some deep issues between them. The focus should be on them. Because the Tankard daughter with a troubled past story line is tired. Everyone knows that preachers kids are not saints. Duh.

Well keep your eyes open for season 2 of Thicker Than Water.


Encore! Blood Sweat and Heels will return for a second season. I hope they get rid of Mica and Daisy. Mica’s story line is super weak. I don’t believe any of it, besides the alcoholic part. I do believe she is a chronic drinker. But I don’t believe that she has some high class modeling agency. Melissa Ford is a model and she even had to find other ways to get money. They are not paying boo-coo dollars for models these days. Daisy is just ewwww. She is typical and she gives off this I am entitled presence. Can somebody please tell her to get a new wig. Now if she comes back with the  wig she had on at the reunion I will forgive her for her horrible performance on the first season. Congrats ladies on the next chapter of Blood Sweat and Heels.

I will be watching.



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