Grey’s Anatomy has always been full of surprises, heartaches and triumphs. The relationship  between Dr. Yang and Dr. Burke has had its surprises and it’s heartaches. Soon we will see if these two will find that meeting again will be triumphant. Dr. Burke was a stern introvert, who struggled with being social outside of his profession. He was a master with magic hands. The best heart surgeon on TV. In addition to being Yang’s soul mate, Burke also mentored Yang. So the bond was strong. Unfortunately this courtship would never be finalized, because Burke left Yang hanging.

Burke played by Isaiah Washington had an immediate departure, due to some on the set drama with T.R. Knight aka O’Malley. Today Isaiah has been forgiven for his  tasteless homophobic slurs towards T.R. The boss lady Shonda Rhymes has decided to bring Isaiah back , so Dr. Yang could be sent off in the proper manner. Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang have some unfinished business to take care of.

I hope Yang decides to give Burke another chance and they both live happily ever after. This would be a great ending for both of them.

Preview to Farewell  Christina Episode

Dr. Burke leaves Yang behind.


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