Talkshow gossip queen Wendy Williams is on the cover of Uptown Magazine .




Wendy talks about her struggles with drugs and creating her brand in the article.  This Jersey girl also expressed how much she loves her co-host, which is her studio audience. “You cannot turn on a talk show  and find an audience where everyone looks as good or has as much energy as mines” says Wendy.

Did you know that Wendy was a graduate student at NYU? Well me neither. Well in the late 90s she was and she the it girl on campus. She said she once attended a party wearing a tiara  and holding  a scepter, demanding all of the attention. “I’m glad I can be that girl on my show.” Wendy also says she is not going to sit on stage and act like she is MEDIATAKEOUT.COM. “I made MEDIATAKEOUT, I was doing this long before it existed.”

“I regret nothing in my radio career” says Wendy.

Wendy talks about her  marriage, son, juggling motherhood and her career and more in the April/May 2014 UPTOWN ISSUE. So go buy it people.

One thing she doesn’t speak about is her drama with Basketball Wives Reality Star Evelyn Lozada. No we did not forget about that honey. I wonder if she will every reply. But I think Miss Williams knows how to pick her battles. #NOWPUTTHATONYOURHOTTOPICS


MARK 3:00 Wendy talks abouther time at Uptown Magazine.

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