Abby tries to cover for Liv, while Liv meets with her father. OPERATION SHUTDOWN B613 is going down. Poppa Pope tells Liv where she can find the money. Huck is not feeling it, he knows Poppa Pope is up to something. Meanwhile Fitz is still mad at Mellie for getting frisky with his future VP Andrew. Olivia struggles for control in the office. She thinks Fitz will say he wants her, but her request that he wants Liv to stop his VP Andrew from screwing his WIFE. OUCH!!!! Im sure the other woman never wants to hear something like that.

Anyway so Liv does her job and tells Andrew screw Mellie or be VP, pick one. Cause you can’t have both. Andrew dpesn’t like Liv’s demands, but he eventually chooses to be VP. When Mellie tries to get some more nookie nookie, Andrew turns her down. (BIG ASS SLAP) “YOU TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ME!!!!” yells Mellie. Fitz gets confirmation that Liv has done her job.

With B613 still on her mind, Liv goes to see Jake after she shut him down the other night. They have sex and it looked passionate. (I hope he didn’t piss Kerry Washington’s baby off with all of that movement., lol) After making love, Liv  thinks about planting a recorder in Jake’s house, but she doesn’t.

Meanwhile Moma Pope kills anybody who gets in her way and she warns Livy to stay out of her business. While Jake and his B613 crew have their eyes on Momma Pope and her bomb, BOOM Olivia shuts them down. Huck has hacked into their system and pulled the plug.

Jake grabs Olivia by the neck and says “What the hell did you just do? You just killed the President?”:

The drama continues next week.



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