Rumor Alert!! Rumor Alert!! While I was preparing my second cup of coffee I received and alert on my phone. It said “RHOA REUNION BRAWL“. Allegedly Porsha and Kenya got into a very heated fight.  Apparently Porsha just snapped. Kenya was not the victor in this fight, she received a beat down. Now we all know that Kenya Moore has been throwing blows via twitter about Porsha and her divorce all season long. I guess Porsha decided it was time to shut Kenya up. I hope Kenya doesn’t sue Porsha, because she already has enough debt. Well I’m happy Porsha finally took-up for herself. But yet again we will see another fight between these two and I am not surprised.

Oh one more thing. There is also a rumor going around that Porsha has been fired from the show due to this incident. I don’t believe that, be we will have to wait and see.


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