What does funny man Nick Cannon and the Syfy network have in common? Tough question right? Many would say nothing, until now. Syfy has joined forces with Nick Cannon’s Team NCredible to produce an improv comedy Syfy show.

The improv series will be tapped in front of a live studio audience. How are the going to make this happen. When I think of Syfy I think of green screens and lots of graphics. Nick Cannon isn’t a rookie at producing hit TV shows. His Wild n Out series is in it’s sixth season. If a show suck it usually doesn’t last six season. Nick is clearly the right man for the job.

Comedy on Syfy, this sounds so wild I have to check it out.


 Rapper Iggy Azalea has been getting a lot of flak from lots of spectators and her hip hop peers for not writing her own rhymes. Say what you will about the blonde bombshell, but while all of you are talking Iggy will be adding a new title to her resume. Iggy has been chosen to hot MTV’s House of Style.

Yes House of Style is coming back. I remember watching it when I was a kid and Cindy Crawford was the host. Reviving this show has not been easy, this is MTV’s second attempt at bringing it back. During this season on House of Style, Iggy will visit the best vintage stores in LA and some music video sets as well.

House of Style will premiere on August 4th on MTV.com

Can the fancy rapper pull this off?


Don’t you hate it when you refrigerator is on E. So empty you sometimes think about eating the baking soda. Well never fear Snack-Off is here. The new MTV cooking show, allows some hungry individuals to create delicious snacks with one main ingredient. So if you just have hotdogs, you make a hotdog meatloaf. Sounds gross but when your hungry the word gross does not exist anymore.

Created by MTV’s own Rob Dyrdek Snack-Off will most certainly give you a case of the munchies.  Although not your average cooking competition, Snack-Off is one of a kind. I wouldn’t be surprised of the Food Network and the Cooking Channel cooked up their own version of this type of show. The  only qualified judge on this show is Jason Quinn he is a chef and an entrepreneur, he is joined with model Chrissy Teigen and the third seat is filled by rotating guest judges.

Besides bragging rights the winner of Snack-Off will also win a Golden Fork and a cash prize.

Do you have the munchies?



Total Request Live

Total Request Live (Photo credit: Wikipedi

OMG! Do you remember running home after school to watch MTV’s TRL (Total Request Live). That show was the bomb. I remember seeing Jay-z and Beyonce together for the first time in matching jean outfits on that show. Ohhhhh remember when  Usher went on this random rant about his then wife Tameka on that show. TRL really made my teenage years exciting.

So of course when I heard that MTV was bringing it back I was super excited. YAY! Notice the word WAS. MTV is bring TRL back for one day at it would be revived into TAL, which stands for Total Ariana Live. WTF! This special will air on July 2nd and Ariana Grande will perform and talk to her fans.

ariana grande grammys

ariana grande grammys (Photo credit: wmm4u)

MTV must be feeling the pressure of bring real music shows back to the station. Will you be watching?


Winner of the MTV’s Wanna Be VJ competition back in 1999 , Jesse Camp has resurfaced. The MTV VJ had a short career on MTV, then he disappeared. The last time he was seen publicly was when he invaded the TRL finale in 2008. Abracadabra he has appeared.

Now 34 years old Jesse stopped by the Free the Nipple event, which was hosted by Russell Simmons. I hope this means he is making a return to hosting. There aren’t any shows to host MTV anymore, but I think he would be a great fit for Fuse TV or even Revolt. Bring Jesse Back!


Former Yo MTV Raps host Ed Lover was recently approached by TMZ and when asked if he will ever return to MTV. He said hell no. Why would I go back to doing something I did when I was 25 years old, just for a check. I make my own checks. I don’t like being OWNED by a network, says Lover. 

For you youngsters that don’t know what Yo MTV Raps is let me be the one to tell you, it was the original 106 & Park. Don’t believe me just watch. All of the artist would stop by the set and talk about their projects, their journey, then freestyle and sometimes argue.

So if you had your hopes up about a possible return of the show, uh keep dreaming. If MTV does recreate the classic hip hop show Ed Lover will not be involved. Instead you can see Ed online with his C’mon Son series.


MTV should change their name already, because Music Television is a thing of the past for them. With shows like Teen Wolf, Teem Mom and Awkward the network has proven that they can compete with the other networks during primetime. There new line-up is throwing all of the punches.

Finding Carter is a new scripted drama series full of drama. Carter finds out the her mom is actually her kidnapper and her real mom is a cop who wants to take the kidnapper/mom down.

Damn that’s good writing huh? I will be watching.

Premiering July 8 @10pm on MTV


As if being on a show about teen mom’s was not enough drama. One teen mom is now coming out with shocking accusations. Aleah LeBeouf is saying that the producers of the hit MTV show Teen Mom often the them what to say. Whoa MTV may have to clear these statements up, because even a cameraman for the show said the show was somewhat fake via Reddit.

Producer’s are there to produce. So I don’t see any harm in telling the on air talent what they are looking for. Especially if the talent is a 16 year old girl, who has never been on television before and on top of that they are pregnant. Geesh!!! Some people get stage fright. I wonder if Aleah will be sued by the network for these comments. Before you are taped you have to sign an agreement which cover permission to appear on the show and confidentiality stuff. This is not cool on her part.

Many Teen Mom fan’s have let it be know via twitter and Facebook that they are not happy with the things Aleah is saying about their show.

What are your thoughts? Is reality real or manufactured? Do you even care? Or are you cool with what goes on behind the scenes, because the show is so damn entertaining?

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In honor of Father’s Day, MTV’s Teen Mom franchise will air a special for just the dads, properly titled Being Dad . Dads Jo Riveria (Isaac’s Dad), Corey Simms (Aleeah and Aliannah’s Dad) and Ryan Edwards (Bailey’s Dad) will all give us a glimpse of what their lives are like on a daily basis. All of these guys are not with their child’s mothers but they have found a way to move on. The have literally gone from boys to men. Often labeled as the villian, these guys have faced their own hardships while being a dad. The spotlight is now on them. This is long overdue, but better late than never.

Being Dad premieres on Sunday @ 8pm on MTV.

Check out this sneak peek 

Show the dads some love. I hope you will watch.


Well folks it looks like MTV’s Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham has been  cut from the show. The producers decided to remove her from the franchise, for being a bad example. Farrah is not a porno star. She has multiple tapes out right now and sex toys. So apparently Maci, Catelyn and Amber said that they would not do another season on Teen Mom if Farrah was involved.

I say cancel the whole damn show then. Farrah is a porn star, but Amber is a freaking ex-con and an abuser. I’m surprised she hasn’t beat the hell out of  one of the camera men yet. Catelynn and  Tyler’s relationship is just torture. Catelynn needs to let that boy go and move on with her life and Maci is just boring. The show was going to end one day, so end it now.  Out of all of those ladies Farrah will return to TV again, she is a hustler and will do anything for attention and fame.

It’s funny how the producers all of a sudden want to have some kind of morals. Firing Farrah was a mistake. Why not get the girl some damn help. Instead of kicking her too the curb after you used her up. Remember you are the one who gave Farrah Abraham a platform in the first place.