When I was a kid I did not know my father. So I would always imagine what a great father would look and be like. I didn’t have to think for to long, thanks to the Cosby Show. Dr. Huxtable aka Bill Cosby was a dotting dad who didn’t take any mess. In my  mind he was my dad. Well daddy is coming back to TV.

At the young age of 77, Mr. Cosby still has some tricks up his sleeve. You know the saying never burn bridges, well this is why. Thank to Mr, Cosby’s longstanding relationship with NBC the network  is welcoming him back with open arms.

Family sitcoms seem to work for Mr. Cosby and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. NBC is currently writing a show that would follow the same story line, this time Mr. Cosby would be the patriarch o f his family. Being that times have changed so much, I am pretty sure there are plenty of family issues that the previous Cosby show didn’t get to cover. Hey NBC I have a show topic, Bill’s find his granddaughter on Facebook twerking. Let’s see  how he would handle that.

The show will be taped in front of a studio audience, while 3 cameras will capture the footage. Attention audience department I think you should book an auduience of much older and younger adults. Ask people to come with their grandparents. Older people know what great talent looks like, today’s youth like to laugh at things  that are just not funny (like people fighting online, in a shakey video). Family time needs to be revived. When I was a kid the whole family would sit together and watch a sitcom together, that barely happens these days. I miss the good ole days.

Mr. Cosby’s new show should debut next summer. I will keep you posted has production starts.



If you have Instagram of Facebook I’m pretty sure you have seen the spree of Kermit the Frog poster with outrageous quotes circulating your news feed. #butthatnonofmybusiness

Well according to Creme BMP Steve Wildfire, Kermit’s puppeteer is pissed off about the the meme and has posted on his instagram account that black people ruin everything. They took  Tommy Hilfiger and started wearing it two sizes too big and ruined it. i have searched high and low for proof of this. There wasn’t a screen shot taken not even a link to the comments.

So then I looked into the site Creme BMP and all of their stories are bogus, they have a story on their that says Justin Beiber committed suicide. This site is obviously for entertainment purposes only. They really had me going there. If you want to read bogus content go check out Creme BMP, it is very entertaining. I guess the joke is on me. Overall I am happy that this story is not true.



As if being on a show about teen mom’s was not enough drama. One teen mom is now coming out with shocking accusations. Aleah LeBeouf is saying that the producers of the hit MTV show Teen Mom often the them what to say. Whoa MTV may have to clear these statements up, because even a cameraman for the show said the show was somewhat fake via Reddit.

Producer’s are there to produce. So I don’t see any harm in telling the on air talent what they are looking for. Especially if the talent is a 16 year old girl, who has never been on television before and on top of that they are pregnant. Geesh!!! Some people get stage fright. I wonder if Aleah will be sued by the network for these comments. Before you are taped you have to sign an agreement which cover permission to appear on the show and confidentiality stuff. This is not cool on her part.

Many Teen Mom fan’s have let it be know via twitter and Facebook that they are not happy with the things Aleah is saying about their show.

What are your thoughts? Is reality real or manufactured? Do you even care? Or are you cool with what goes on behind the scenes, because the show is so damn entertaining?

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